Join the Puget Sound Chapter

CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP – Why join our local chapter? As part of our “mission” as set forth on the Home Page, our chapter helps you stay connected and up-to-date with alumni and activities in the Puget Sound area. Your membership entitles you to an electronic copy of our chapter membership directory, helps keep your contact information current and ensures your inclusion on chapter email and newsletter distribution lists. New and renewing Puget Sound Chapter members can download and print our Membership Form to register and pay their Chapter dues. Note: You may have to open the downloaded form by opening your installed version of MS Word then using the “OPEN” (Ctrl+O) command.

CHAPTER DUES: Our chapter supports and encourages outstanding young men and women interested in applying to the Academy. We also support our current Midshipmen and their families. We support the efforts of the Blue & Gold Officers and help underwrite the cost of attendance for deserving local students at USNA Summer Seminar and STEM programs. Chapter dues help offset the cost of those efforts along with our annual Plebe Dinner, chapter social and networking events, and other admin costs associated with operating a local chapter.

There are TWO options for chapter membership “Annual” and “Lifetime.”

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP might be best for alumni still on active duty or members unsure if they will be residing in the Puget Sound area over the long term. Annual dues are $25, except for active duty members O1-O3 who pay $5 and widows/widowers of alumni and alumni who have reached the 60th anniversary of their graduation who pay nothing.

You are welcome to send a check (see below), pay by check or cash at an event, or pay online via PayPal;

Active Duty O1 – O3

Standard Membership


might be preferable for those who expect they will remain in the Puget Sound area. It avoids the hassle of annual dues payments and offers considerable savings over the course of a lifetime. Recent grads could save over $1000. A decade after graduation you could still save over $300. Should you desire you also have the option of breaking your “Discounted Lifetime Dues” into two, three or four monthly payments.If you are interested in LIFETIME membership, please contact our Membership Director, Carol Hoffman ’80, at

If you have any questions about membership, please contact our Membership Director, Carol Hoffman ’80

You can mail or email your completed ANNUAL or LIFETIME membership form to:

Carol D Hoffman ’80
13976 Blackberry Lane NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370