USNA PSC Speaker Series

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The PSC Speaker Series is a 2020 initiative using video tele-conferencing (VTC) during the stay-at-home orders to do the following:

  1. Showcase the incredible diversity of USNA alumni in the Puget Sound Area and around the world
  2. Provide timely and interesting speakers with presentations that relate to current events involving USNA alumni and beyond
  3. Enable current events discussion related to the speaker topics
  4. Continue the very important discussion about the inclusion of all alumni and the need for supporting diversity in our Chapter
  5. Enabling networking opportunities with each other though the chat and potentially breakout room interactive capabilities.
  6. Add value to the PSC Members through access to recordings when available.  At times, only Chapter members will be allowed access to the interactive sessions.

Speaker series will generally be held once a month, January – November, on a weekday evening at 1800 Pacific time.